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Cloud TMS

Put your business online on a secure and reliable platform.

  • Realtime TMS reporting
  • Realtime Costing
  • Realtime performance statistics
  • Realtime management


The Cloud Management System offers a cost effective means of monitoring and controlling your Telecommunications spend, utilizing the same platform to monitor PABX as well as Android and other Mobile devices. The system does not depend on propriety based hardware to transfer the call data from the PABX to the central server for processing, using off the shelf products for this purpose, an example being the SS Telecoms range of Buffers.

For the small to medium PABX’S the buffer of choice is the SS-77 which can connect to either RS232 or TCP/IP SMDR outputs. The buffer has a storage capacity of 2 megabyte. GPRS buffers are also available.

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For the bigger PABX’S we use the SS-75 NG which has 2 megabyte storage upgradable to 2 GIG by inserting a 2 GIG SD Card. The buffer can be set up as a FTP server or FTP Client for PABX’S that require SMDR output via FTP.

We also offer a “Soft Buffer” option which can be used to monitor multiple PABX’s. This is an ideal solution if the PABX’s are on a VPN.

PABX and Mobile call data gets compressed and uploaded to the server in small data packets every few minutes which does not impact on the clients network performance.

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