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Enreach Microsoft Teams Integration

Enhance Your Microsoft Teams Client With Business Telephony And FMC

With the rise of remote working, Microsoft Teams has become an even more popular tool for collaboration. However, Microsoft Teams alone doesn’t support many of the  telephony handlings that are essential in a business context.

MyTeamsConnect is an Enreach Microsoft Teams Integration solution for Teams direct routing as a service which allows users to make, receive and transfer calls using their Microsoft Teams client, where calls are handled by our telephony platform through PSTN.

Microsoft Teams client is then fully integrated with your Telecom infrastructure, managed as an additional Cloud PBX terminal, enabling the user to call short numbers or PSTN from Teams client.

What We Add To Your Teams Experience

Number presentation: the PBX determines what number will be presented on outgoing native mobile calls or calling from a Teams client.

(Simultaneous) ringing: the PBX determines what endpoints to ring when a user is being called on a fixed or mobile number

FMC Short dialling: Teams end-users can be reachable using their short extension or mobile number.

Hunt groups: Mobile phone and Teams client can be part of hunt groups, call centre, forward groups etc.

Presence: the PBX is aware of Teams user presence and route incoming calls accordingly. Teams will also display the presence of users in a mobile call.

CRM integration: enable your business processes thanks to a variety of vertical software applications.

Recording: calls placed and received via mobile phone or Teams can be recorded.

Voice call continuity: while in a call, user can send call to Teams or send call to GSM or any other phone.