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EPSON (Seiko Epson Corporation), also originally known as Son of Electronic Printer and a subsidiary of Seiko watches was born out of the first printer created for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and, which went into production in 1968.

The Japanese company was established in 1961 under the Shinshu Precision Manufacturing Company name (Shinshu Seiki) and provided components for Seiko. In 1975 the American arm of the group was incorporated, with a name change to Epson Corporation in 1982, and later in 1985, with the merging of Suwa Seikosha Co.Ltd. and Epson Corporation – Seiko Epson Corporation emerged.

In 2003, the company went public, however the Hattori family are still major shareholders of the group.

The group, through various subsidiaries, brands and its parent company Shinshu Seiki, has a history of manufacturing clocks, precision timers (at first for the Japan Olympics), electronic calculator printers and liquid-crystal displays (1974).

They’ve also developed crystal chronometers, printing timers, printer mechanisms, quartz watches, digital, wristwatches, notebook computers, mini and standard LCD TVs, floppy disk drives, PCs, SRAM, oscillators, automat printer manufacturing systems, flatbed scanners, pagers, light hardening lens production systems, cameras, desktop color inkjet printer, LCD projectors and high resolution colour inkjet printers.

Originally starting with 22 people, the group now has over 67, 6500 employees globally.

Epson WorkForce Printer WF-C20590 (Images)

Epson WorkForce Printer WF-C20590

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