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Epygi Hospitality and Hotels Communications

Enhance Guest Experience, Improve Staff Productivity

Epygi Hospitality and Hotels Communications solutions proudly enters the hospitality industry’s battlefield armed with its award winning QX products, flexibility, tailored options and numerous useful features. More hotels and those in the hospitality industry are opting to adopt the newly offered VoIP communication solutions which can not only expedite the day-to-day hotel operations but also would ensure high-quality guest experience and help Increase Revenue.

Every industry is affected by the ever-changing technological advances and the hospitality and hotel industry is no exception. In order to succeed and to be competitive in the hospitality business there is a need to stay on the leading edge of communications technology to be able to offer top quality customer service.

With Epygi’s more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunication industry let us help you to succeed and to be always a step ahead of your competitors.

Hospitality and Hotels Communications by Epygi and MIA Telecoms

Features and Benefits

  • QX IP PBX(s) as the main platform
  • User-friendly web-based application
  • Integration of the hotel’s analog phones to VoIP
  • Easy integration with Property Management System
  • Hotel Phones, IP or analog, interoperable with Epygi QXs
  • Automates Some of the Hotel Business Processes
  • Increases Staff Reachability and Responsiveness
  • Offers Guest Extension Activation/Deactivation and Billing
  • Wake up Alarm Scheduling and Do Not Disturb Activation
  • Provides High Efficiency of Communications System