Business Telecommunications and Automation

Epygi iQall Mobile Client

The iQall mobile application allows the user to make calls from his/her Apple / Android smartphone via Epygi IP PBXs, both premised and cloud-based. After installing iQall on your smartphone and configuring it with IP PBX, you can easily dial the desired number. It uses the IP PBX to establish calls between your smartphone and the dialed numbers anywhere in the world.

The IP PBX will place an initial call to your smartphone before connecting to the dialed number, therefore the call to your smartphone will be free if you have a mobile service plan with free inbound calls. Also, since the connection to the dialed number is established by the IP PBX, you don’t need to pay for that connection on your smartphone, even for long-distance and international calls. This way your company’s mobile phone calling cost will decrease significantly.

Epygi iQall Mobile Client App - Product Image

Features and Benefits

  • Toggling: leave / enter the office unnoticed, while talking.
  • Voice mail notifications / mailbox check.
  • Missed calls notifications.
  • Free local or international calls on your smartphone.
  • Call anyone without using your mobile provider.
  • Never miss an important call made to your desk.
  • Voicemail notifications from your desk to your smartphone.
  • Lower mobile calling costs.