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Epygi Products

Egygi Products from this Orlando-based U.S. company have been serving the needs of both small and large enterprise businesses since 2002. Epygi designs, manufactures, and delivers IP PBX and IP Gateway products as well as other cloud-based and featured ranges. Whether it’s a small office telecoms setup or a complex call centre, Egygi Products deliver solutions that are reliable, secure and easy to install.

Appliances come in modular and rack-mounted options that can be automatically configured to/with most SIP endpoints and cloud monitoring tools – including network functions such as router, firewall, VPN. Egygi’s offering is based on proprietary software and hardware with excellent tech support.

Epygi ecQX Cloud PBX (Featured Image)

Epygi ecQX Cloud PBX

Epygi ecQX Cloud PBX The Epygi ecQX Cloud PBX is a hosted PBX service provided by Epygi directly to resellers. It offers the complete set

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Epygi QX IP gteways Featured Page Image

Epygi QX IP Gateways

Epygi QX IP Gateways The Epygi QX IP Gateways feature 4 to 30 concurrent call volumes, 24 FXS, plus E1/T1 and ISDN Ports, which conform

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Epygi IP PBX QX3000 Featured page Image

Epygi IP PBX QX3000

Epygi IP PBX QX3000 The Epygi IP PBX QX3000 is our enterprise model and comes with 200 extensions, over 500 external simultaneous calls and a

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Epygi IP PBX QX500 (Product Image)

Epygi QX500 IP PBX

Epygi IP PBX QX500 The Epygi IP PBX QX500 is the ideal solution. It comes with 100 extensions that can be expanded to 500 and

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Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions Upgrades & Add Ons

Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions

Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions Enhance Your Communications Investment Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions is an upgrade on your phone system and add features like voicemail-to-email, Call

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School Security Solutions & Telecommunications by Epygi & MIA Telecoms.

Epygi School Security Solutions

Epygi School Security Solutions Better Learning Environment, Secure Schools. Investment in reliable and cost-effective unified communications is vital nowadays. Despite the fact that many schools

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Epygi UC80 IP PBX Featured Page Image

Epygi IP PBX UC80

Epygi UC80 IP PBX – for offices with up to 200 employees. With the ability to support 64 concurrent calls. The system has eight FXS

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