Business Telecommunications and Automation

Epygi QX IP Gateways

The Epygi QX IP Gateways feature 4 to 30 concurrent call volumes, 24 FXS, plus E1/T1 and ISDN Ports, which conform to a broad variety of voice codecs and signaling protocols. Certain models also include call routing and auto attendant capabilities, voice prioritization over data and sophisticated firewall and security elements. The main function of these gateways are primarily to bridge traditional legacy PBX traffic to SIP trunks, extending the life of these systems. It also allows for PRi connectivity of the QX IP PBXs to legacy trunks.

Gateway Rack-Mounted Kits

Epygi’s Rack Mount Kit is designed to allow multiple QX products to be mounted in various configurations. The unit can be easily installed by simply sliding the products into the rack mount and then tightening the thumb screw. All QX products are compatible with the rack kit with the exception of the QX3000 unit.

The rack kit can hold 4 of our smaller size units (QX20, QX50, QX200, QX500, QXISDN, QXFX04, QXE1T1), or it can hold two FXS24 Gateways, or it can hold one FXS24 Gateway and two other units.