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What is MTN Business Broadband Uncapped?

This ground-breaking service uses wireless technology to connect you to the MTN Network, giving you unrestricted internet connectivity. That’s how simple we’re making it.

You can enjoy superfast, seamless connectivity, at fibre-like speeds, without having to rely on a fibre network operator to dig up the roads or hang fibre cables between streetlamps.

Why you should choose MTN Business Broadband Uncapped?

You don’t need a SIM

MTN Business Broadband Uncapped doesn’t use a SIM card. Simply choose the package you want and pay a monthly fee.

Seamless connectivity

Your wireless connection is not affected by network congestion, ensuring that you always have superfast, reliable internet.

Simple installation

There’s no drawn-out order-to-installation process – all it takes is a small wireless receiver installed at your premises.

Keep your Business Connected

MTN Business Broadband Uncapped offers uncapped, unshaped, wireless connectivity without the need for data top-ups.

Affordable connectivity

It’s premium internet without the big price tag.

Please provide your details via the form on this page so we can connect with you. Alternatively, call us on 011 799 7720 or 011 012 4200.

Uncapped, Unshaped Broadband Internet from R799 p.m.

20Mb/s R799 per month.

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