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Poly VVX450 IP Phone Featured Page Image

Poly VVX450 IP Phone

Poly VVX450 IP Phone (12-Lines) The Poly VVX450 IP Phone with more lines makes you more productive. Feel in command of your day with this high quality, color, twelve-line phone system that

Poly VVX350 IP Phone Featured Page Image

Poly VVX350 IP Phone

Poly VVX350 IP Phone (6-Lines) The Poly VVX350 IP Phone – Welcome to the big leagues with this high quality, colour display, six-line phone system that simply gets the job done –

Poly VVX250 IP Phone Featured page Image

Poly VVX250 IP Phone

Poly VVX250 IP Phone (4-Lines) The Poly VVX250 IP Phone is anything except ordinary. For call environments that demand reliability, the VVX 250 won’t let you down. Easily get to all the

Poly VVX150 IP Phone Featured Page Image

Poly VVX150 IP Phone

Poly VVX150 IP Phone (2-Lines) The Poly VVX150 IP Phone is a reliable option in a home office or a common area, especially if you want a reliable, affordable small business phone