The CoronaVirus and Working From Home

The CoronaVirus and Working From Home are two topics most of us would never have thought would be hinged together. With the situation being what it is, as a business, the show must go on in whatever form possible.

CoronaVirus and Working From Home isn't a new thing (Picture & Article)

If anything, the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), is going to show us that the rapidly growing gig economy, coupled with a work-from-home mindset by both employees and employers is not only already a reality but has been working effectively for some time now.

South Korea’s economy as an example, was positively transformed in a very short space of time due to significant development in (and use of) the ITC sector, enabling the nation to make huge strides in high speed internet and other innovations in technology. In fact, Korea’s tech-driven rise has been cited as one of the most successful, workable, alternative economic models that could be adapted to any emerging nation.

How many times have you heard “with today’s technology, why should I be sitting in an office?”, more importantly why, as an employer should you be investing in rental space, office furniture, consumables, tea, coffee, toilet paper, airconditioning – when you can communicate remotely, in real-time, via audio and streaming video, one-on-one or in a group environment to anyone, anywhere?

In any organisation, unified communications is key. Being able to not only talk to staff in your premises, but also wherever they are – be it on the road, at home or at a branch is essential in maintaining productivity. Monitoring communications (especially customer support, sales, leads and spend) is at the heart of streamlining the efficiency of your business as well as evaluating performance of your staff. Within this, your communications reporting system is central in making this possible.

Regardless of the current circumstances, your company can still fulfil a large portion of its operations from a centralised, cloud-based, unified communications network.

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