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Based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Zyxel manufactures devices for networking that work on their ZyNOS proprietary operating system. They have offices in Asia, Europe and North America as well as a distribution base of over 70 countries globally. Their primary markets are ISPs and telecommunication companies – serving OEMs and System Integrators in that niche. Their branded products are also sold directly to consumers and businesses. Zyxel was founded in 1988 in Taiwan by Dr. Shun-I Chu and headquartered the following year in the same region.

To date, Zyxel has won over 20 global brand awards based on Interbrand’s established brand valuation methodology.

The company developed and produced a number of world-first, leading technologies including: The first integrated voice/fax/modem (1992), the first Analog/digital ISDN modem (1995), the first ADSL2+ gateway (2004), the first palm-sized portable personal firewall (2005), The first Gigabit active fiber/Telco-grade IPv6 end to end solution (2009), The first Carbon footprint verification on their VDSL2 CPE product (2010) and The first UMTS 802.11ac compatible small cell CPE (2014). 

Their Keenetic products (Wi-Fi routers and range extenders) was established in 2010, and is a separate brand entity.

Zyxe ZyWALL ATP Firewall distributed in South Africa

Zyxel ZyWALL ATP Firewall

Zyxel ZyWall ATP Firewall ATP100/200/500/800 Next-Gen Firewall for SMEs The Zyxel ZyWALL ATP 100/200/500/800 is an Advanced Threat Protection Firewall Series dedicated for small and

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