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Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions

Enhance Your Communications Investment

Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions is an upgrade on your phone system and add features like voicemail-to-email, Call Recording, Audio Conferencing and Security Cameras. If you have selected an Epygi QX IP PBX. Do you want to take Epygi to the next level that other phone systems can’t? With Epygi as the brains of this integrated solution, your data, voice, video and surveillance features can be managed by one system.

Epygi PBX Surveillance Solutions Upgrades & Add Ons

Simultaneous visual and audio monitoring surveillance

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Features and Benefits

Adding IP Video Phones
If your company has employees located locally and remotely, you can have more productive company meetings by holding video conferences. When executives are not onsite, they can view the current video stream of any IP camera installed at their office locations from their IP video phone.

Adding Door Access Control
When visitors or delivery personnel approach your building’s front door, they can press ENTER on the keypad which will then place a call to handsets or cell phones. Employees can then speak to these visitors and allow them entrance. If employees are not able to answer the door access control call, a recording will play directing the guest to leave a message. This message will be sent as an email or SMS notification to employees for immediate action.

Adding IP Security Cameras
To provide security to your employees, IP cameras can be mounted on the interior and exterior of your office building. Should there be any disputes about previous events, recorded and stored video streams can be reviewed. Managers that need to keep in regular contact with employees can use their IP video phone to see and speak to their coworkers who are near IP cameras.

Adding Paging Systems
A supervisor can make regular announcements to employees in designated areas of the building. This can be accomplished by them simply speaking through their IP handset which will then stream the message to the specific paging device.