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iServ DECT Repeater 4025

The iServ DECT Repeater 4025 (RTX 4025) extends the range of your IP DECT phone easily. This is especially useful in remote areas in and outside (covered) of the office environment or, in spaces where “dead transmission spots” are prevelant. This state of the art, professional range extender boasts up to 3 repeaters per base station, wide band audio, DECT encryption and automatic registration. Maximum of 3 repeaters in a daisy chain. Coverage includes up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors and is compliant with frequency bands: EU/AU/NZ, US/CA, LATAM and TW.

iServ RTX4025 DECT Repeater - Product Image

Features and Benefits

  • Worldwide DECT support
  • Extending the DECT coverage
  • Supports automatic handover of calls between cells
  • Handling of 2 active calls simultaneously
  • Automatic registration method
  • Easily mounted on walls
  • Receiver sensitivity: -92dBm
  • 2 internal omni-directional antennas
  • Compliant with TBR6, TBR22 (GAP)
  • Radio link quality indication
  • Repeater to repeater registration
  • 12 slot support (Additional)
  • 5 active narrow-bandcalls simultaneously (Additional)
  • 2 active wide-band calls simultaneously (Additional)
  • DECT encryption