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iServ Wireless Handset 8630 IP DECT

iServ IP DECT 8630 wireless handset (RTX8630) provides an affordable, scalable on-site solution for employee mobility. Offer your employees a phone that enables them to keep in-touch with colleagues or customers whenever they may be in your organisation – so they may maintain customer satisfaction and personal productivity.

This Integrated IP solution is designed for a multitude of voice communications and customer verticals including, but not limited to government facilities, hospitals, aged care facilities, large warehouse, mariners, pubs and clubs and correctional facilities.

iServ IP DECT 8630 Wireless Handset

Features and Benefits

  • Security features
  • Man down / no movement facilities
  • Emergency message triggering
  • Push or cord activated assistance
  • IP Enterprise-wide voice solution
  • Brilliant voice quality
  • Availability always
  • 5 Different alarm types